Executive Coaching and Leadership Development



As a business leader, are you looking for ways to leverage your strengths, minimize weaknesses and increase your effectiveness?

Do you need to:

  • Motivate people and teams to go the extra mile?
  • Master efficient use of your time to establish sustainable work/life balance?
  • Thrive managing change and transition?
  • Fine tune your decision making?
  • Take charge of your career?
  • Accelerate onboarding into a new role?
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills and executive presence?
  • Achieve more through Strategy Planning?
  • Improve employee engagement?
  • Increase success through managing virtual teams?
  • Enlist the perspective of an objective sounding board?

Via 1:1 meetings, either virtual or face to face, I guide entrepreneurial business leaders to navigate these challenges using my predictable Coach for Success method of Strategy.Action.Results.


Team Coaching

Are you looking for cutting edge methods to capture the talents of your people? Motivate people?

Team coaching is a facilitated process that maximizes the combined experience, wisdom and energy of the group members in order to achieve business objectives and individual goals.


  • immediate sounding board for insightful feedback
  • complex problem solving
  • accomplish organizational goals better and faster
  • cross collaboration and sharing of best practices
  • leadership development
  • enhanced delegation

The group size is generally 4-8 members and meets either bi-weekly or monthly. The number of meetings depends upon the purpose of the group. Group coaching can be done in person or virtually.

Mastermind Group

Why go it alone when you can tap into the experience and power of others? A mastermind group is a private cohort of trusted business leader peers that helps you achieve an aspiration, vision or a stretch goal.

  • It is like having your own board of advisors.
  • Masterminds are effective because they open you up to new ideas and perspectives and help accelerate the accomplishment of your professional and/or personal goals.
  • Members offer mutual support, provide expertise, and challenge each other, all the while providing peer accountability.
  • Groups are comprised of 4-6 members and meet once per month (virtually or in person) and include a monthly 1:1 private coaching meeting with me.
  • Groups meet for 6 months and can elect to continue if desired.
Aim High Network Leadership Groups
  • Inspiring, successful professional women who are making a positive impact come together to lend support and help each other succeed
  • Members mine collective wisdom and capitalize on business connections
  • Interactions are built on trust and confidentiality
  • 6 members per group – meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • 1 year commitment of 6 meetings (every other month) – then re-up or re-group
  • Each meeting is a structured combination of social time and individual coaching from rest of group
  • Strategy Planning – is your vision clear for the next year, 3 years, 5 years? Strategy planning sessions set your direction and create a solid roadmap for your future. The key components of strategy planning include your vision, mission, values, strategies and action plan with measureable results.
  • Focus Groups – do you know what your customers and/or clients think about your business and services? A focus group is a very effective way to reach out to your constituents for their feedback. Focus groups are used in planning, marketing or evaluation – either to improve some specific product or service, or more globally, during the development of your strategic plan or mission statement.