Leadership Key Notes

  • Winning the Leadership Marathon – Leadership is similar to a running a marathon. It takes focus, endurance and inspiration. Pam’s motivational presentation will highlight her global marathon adventures and the leadership principles she discovered which apply to all leaders’ professional and personal lives. These principles are Focus on the Finish, Lead with Endurance and Be the Inspiration. Through engaging stories and strategies, Pam provides winning ways to expand leader’s mindsets. No matter if you lead an organization, team, project, quality initiative or just need a boost – Pam’s message will elevate you.
  • What Leaders Need to Know About Championing Change – Wouldn’t you agree that change is everywhere, it’s constant and unavoidable? And, the rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. Because of this, you need to know about the fundamental aspects of change and have the means to navigate through both professional and personal change. This keynote will give you new insights and practical tools on understanding change and transition as well as ways to get your people on board for any change initiative to be successful.

Leadership Development Training

What are your most pressing business challenges? Successful businesses leaders know that investing in leadership development is crucial to overcoming those challenges, sustaining your competitive advantage and achieving business growth over the long term. Leadership development workshops include:

  • 5 “Musts” for Your Leadership Toolbox – effective leaders inspire others to align and work toward their vision
  • 4 Steps for Effective Feedback – giving and receiving effective feedback is necessary to leverage strengths and improve performance. Create a culture in which giving and receiving feedback is the norm
  • Enhance Your Executive Presence and Influence – developing connection and rapport is imperative for others to trust you and your leadership
  • Leader as Coach – the coach approach style of leadership is critical with today’s intellectual workforce
  • Strengths Based Leadership – develop specific strategies using interpersonal strengths and skills to develop High Performing Teams
  • Manage Stress and Enhance Your Life – successful leaders are able to manage stress to accomplish more, yet enjoy high quality work/life balance