4 Ways to Manage Time Urgency for Leaders

Balancing work, family and other obligations can cause stress and be overwhelming. Some people sense a rushing feeling inside of them like there’s not enough time to get everything done. Does this sound like you?

Here are 4 ways to manage that rushing feeling of time urgency:

  1. Re-frame the panic – It’s not the task or the deadline that’s causing the stress. It’s the messages you’re telling yourself that you must hurry. Re-frame this with affirming statements like “I will do this in the time that I have” or “I’ve got this handled.”
  1. Do speed checks – Notice the signs when you’re internally racing – such as eating fast, talking rapidly or impatience waiting in line. It’s a cue to pause, take a deep breath and deliberately slow down.
  1. Cut the clock-checking – Watching the clock causes loss of focus and increases overwhelm. Reduce your clock checking by 50-75% to bring that rushing feeling down.
  2. Take time to get more time – Spend 5 minutes each morning writing down your most important tasks for the day. Listing priorities on paper tells your brain you’re handling things and frees up head space to focus on the task at hand.

Try these actions to significantly cut down on that rushing feeling of time urgency and reduce stress and overwhelm.