Expand Your Comfort Zone for Leaders


Each person has their own comfort zone. This is an area where we feel safe and secure – it protects us. Our comfort zone can also hold us back from doing what we are capable of. People who are successful stretch themselves. They take risks and are bold. They expand their comfort zones and think big.

Here are 3 Success Keys for Expanding Your Comfort Zone

  1. Shake life up. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Say goodbye to “same old – same old” and try new things. When you get out of your “rut” you see life in a more empowering light.
  1. Think Big. Ditch those self imposed limits. Most often, the only one holding you back is you.
  1. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Many of us don’t go outside of our comfort zone because of the fear of failure. It may be helpful to realize that failure is simply and opportunity to begin again with more intelligence. What didn’t work this time? What did you learn? How can you make “lemonade out of this lemon”?

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.”  Eleanor Roosevelt