Leadership Advantage is to Focus on the Finish


As a 7 continents marathoner and leadership coach, I have learned that a key to success in running marathons or in business is to first focus on the finish. When you have the end point clearly in mind, your thoughts and actions align with what you envision. This leadership strategy holds true for all goals in your personal and professional life.

Try these 3 strategic keys:

  1. Create a Backwards Plan

Research shows that a well-conceived plan improves your odds for achieving your target. Clearly articulate your end goal or finish first. Then working backwards, indicate the steps and timeline it will take to get you there.

  1. Daily Focus

Resolve to take some action everyday that moves you towards your finish. Build it into your schedule. Daily determination and discipline will create momentum that can be unstoppable.

  1. Mentally Click In

Tap into your mind by vividly visualizing yourself crossing the finish line of achievement – like the athletes do. Then add powerful affirmations to ignite your subconscious like “I have got this!” or “I believe in myself.” Vivid mind images and power phrases ignite the subconscious mind, which in turn, influences the actions needed to succeed.

Using these techniques will give you the advantage to accomplish things far beyond what you initially think possible.